Dedicated servers

Managed Bare Metal

Dedicated servers for high-performance computing demands. Fully customized for data-intensive workloads.

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Our advantages

  • Free project
  • Monitoring and
  • Dedicated
    technical support
  • Full management
    via IPMI
  • Free DDOS*
  • Free
  • Hardware virtualization KVM
  • Unlimited
  • Wide port
    up to 1Gbit/s
  • up to 128 IPv4 and IPv6
  • Robust Compute

    Get your reserved bare metal with up to 64 core CPUs that can be combined with enterprise SSDs and super fast NVMe to provide high IOPS (input/output operations). Unprecedented stress-free server connection without noisy neighbors and no hypervisor tax. Inferno Solutions gives you physical, single-tenant servers that meet your specific needs just at the right time.
  • Right configuration, at your service

    Our bare metals are highly configurable for your specific scale. With Inferno Solutions dedicated server hosting you can enhance performance and customize nearly everything, including CPU, RAM, hard drives, bandwidth, ability to add GPU, variety of local storage, and more.
  • Fully managed bare metal

    Custom location or configuration? Yes! Contact us to help you get the most out of our services. Great infrastructure preserves unparalleled performance for your applications and websites under the best possible conditions. Get your private support and we'll take care of the technical stuff.
  • Flexible payment

    Various payment options to help you act fast to meet changing conditions. YoY, month-to-month contracts or even free trial periods to pay exactly for what you need, when you need it. Besides, we believe you'll find our pricing to be highly competitive among various providers.
  • Enterprise security and SLA

    Our top-tier ISO-certified data centers have everything you need to keep data secured at the highest level. Every detail of the environment - power density, redundancy, cooling, location and accessibility is carefully configured to ensure protection, resiliency and efficiency. Our core average uptime is 99.999% for up to 5.5 Tbps available capacity.
* - only for the Netherlands


Сhoosing the Dedicated Server service, you get a separate physical server with your own configuration. Unlike VPS, a dedicated server is used by only one client and its operation does not depend on other hosting clients or data centers.

  1. Select a location.
  2. Select a plan.
  3. Set up the plan.
  4. Add the service to your cart.
  5. Go to the cart and complete the payment.

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If necessary, you can get a dedicated server of non-standard configuration for an individual order.
We will try to offer a server that best meets all your requirements, taking into account the available equipment. We can also purchase equipment and components specifically for your requirements.

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Using the "dedicated server" service with unlimited traffic 100Mibt, you really get an unlimited channel.
You can use the provided equipment and communication channel with no limits 24/7.

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IPMI (Intelligent Platform Management Interface) is a special interface for remote control of a dedicated server. IPMI performs the following functions:

  • monitoring
  • remote control
  • installation/reinstallation of the operating system
  • shutdown, start and reboot
  • configuring and inventorying logs regardless of server operation

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If you need to change the configuration of the dedicated server, create a ticket to the Billing department (at the bottom of the support page ).
We can add/remove RAM and disks (HDD, SSD, NVMe) depending on the features of your plan, change the number of additional IPs, change the channel bandwidth or change the traffic packet size.
Unfortunately, it is impossible to change the processor (or their number) for the rented dedicated server. For this you will need to order a new dedicated server.

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Create Ticket

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