Data Centers is*hosting

is*hosting offers its customers highly reliable proprietary equipment, which belongs to the HI-END class, at technical locations around the world. We use only the best-certified data centers in our work.

37 Data centers
31 Countries
4 Continents
We Work While You Relax When forming the server infrastructure, the is*hosting team primarily pays attention to the efficiency of data centers, as well as their fault tolerance, security, and overall performance indicators. We never stop expanding our server infrastructure.

We work only with reliable data centers so that is*hosting clients feel at ease.
Data Centers Security The reliability of data centers and is*hosting servers are guaranteed by the availability of specialized security certificates: ISO 9001:2015, NEN 7510, SOC 1 Type II, SOC 2 Type II, ISO 27001, PCI DSS, ISO 22301, etc.
We guarantee the protection of all data of your site or project and their smooth operation.
Data Centers Technology Data centers are characterized by high levels of fault tolerance and security. Data centers comply with international standards and have a Tier 3+ reliable level, with uptime reaching 99.99%.

You don't have to worry even in case of unexpected circumstances, thanks to backup power sources all data centers are equipped with.

Data Centers Locations

Data centers where is*hosting servers cover almost the whole world: from America and Europe to Asia and Oceania. Our clients have access to servers in 31 countries and 37 cities.
Estonia, Tallinn WaveCOM, ~6970 km
Germany, Frankfurt Telehouse, ~6550 km
USA, New York Equinix, ~350 km
USA, Chicago Digital Realty, ~910 km
USA, Los Angeles Digital Realty, ~3670 km
USA, Tampa Hivelocity, ~1310 km
USA, Dallas Evocative, ~1870 km
Sweden, Stockholm GleSYS, ~6640 km
Poland, Gdansk Artnet, ~6930 km
Netherlands, Meppel Serverius, ~6270 km
Canada, Montreal eStruxture, ~780 km
Ukraine, Kyiv ITL, ~7850 km
Switzerland, Zurich Digitale Suisse AG, ~6770 km
UK, Manchester MetroNet, ~5710 km
Singapore Equinix, ~15530 km
Czech Republic, Prague TTC TELEPORT, ~6920 km
UAE, Dubai Equinix DX1, ~11360 km
Japan, Tokio Equinix TY8, ~10870 km
Australia, Sydney Equinix SY2, ~15670 km
France, Paris Equinix PA3, ~6180 km
Romania, Bucharest M247, ~7990 km
Bulgaria, Sofia Telepoint, ~7930 km
Norway, Oslo IP-Only, ~6240 km
Spain, Madrid Interxion, ~6120 km
Hong Kong Equinix, ~13080 km
Almaty, Kazakhstan Sairam, ~10500 km
Sao Paulo, Brazil Equinix SP4, ~7650 km
Copenhagen, Denmark Interxion, ~6510 km
Austria, Vienna Interxion Vienna (VIE1, VIE2), ~7140 km
Italy, Milan Seeweb, ~6810 km
Ireland, Dublin Interxion, ~5450 km
Belgium, Brussels Interxion, ~6240 km
Hungary, Budapest ATW/Dataland Dataland 1, ~7350 km
Serbia, Belgrade Cetin, ~7600 km
Turkey, Istanbul Premier DC, ~8410 km

is*hosting services

Virtual private servers guarantee uninterrupted operation of your online project of any kind. Flexible range of VPS for projects of any size.
From $5.00 /mo
Dedicated Servers
Your personal dedicated server will ensure your website or app will work fast with high fault tolerance and security level.
From $60.00 /mo
Data Storage
Additional disk space for data storage and backups from is*hosting. Your own secure cloud storage for infrastructure of any complexity.
From $1.00 /mo
Dedicated VPN
VPN with a dedicated IP address and its own DNS server by is*hosting - preserving your privacy and working safely on the Internet.
From $5.00 /mo