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Check our network parameters before you buy a server or VPS. The tool allows you to check the download/upload speed, ping and jitter.

Select Server Location

Estonia, Tallinn WaveCOM
~6970 km
Germany, Frankfurt Telehouse
~6550 km
USA, New York Equinix
~350 km
USA, Chicago Digital Realty
~910 km
USA, Los Angeles Digital Realty
~3670 km
USA, Tampa Hivelocity
~1310 km
USA, Dallas Evocative
~1870 km
Sweden, Stockholm GleSYS
~6640 km
Poland, Gdansk Artnet
~6930 km
Netherlands, Meppel Serverius
~6270 km
Canada, Montreal eStruxture
~780 km
Ukraine, Kyiv ITL
~7850 km
Switzerland, Zurich Digitale Suisse AG
~6770 km
UK, Manchester MetroNet
~5710 km
Singapore Equinix
~15530 km
Czech Republic, Prague TTC TELEPORT
~6920 km
UAE, Dubai Equinix DX1
~11360 km
Japan, Tokio Equinix TY8
~10870 km
Australia, Sydney Equinix SY2
~15670 km
France, Paris Equinix PA3
~6180 km
Romania, Bucharest M247
~7990 km
Bulgaria, Sofia Telepoint
~7930 km
Norway, Oslo IP-Only
~6240 km
Spain, Madrid Interxion
~6120 km
Hong Kong Equinix
~13080 km
Almaty, Kazakhstan Sairam
~10500 km
Sao Paulo, Brazil Equinix SP4
~7650 km
Copenhagen, Denmark Interxion
~6510 km
Austria, Vienna Interxion Vienna (VIE1, VIE2)
~7140 km
Italy, Milan Seeweb
~6810 km
Ireland, Dublin Interxion
~5450 km
Belgium, Brussels Interxion
~6240 km
Hungary, Budapest ATW/Dataland Dataland 1
~7350 km
Serbia, Belgrade Cetin
~7600 km
Turkey, Istanbul Premier DC
~8410 km
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Data Storage
Additional disk space for data storage and backups from is*hosting. Your own secure cloud storage for infrastructure of any complexity.
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