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Transform your project’s potential with is*hosting VPS. Virtual Private Server provides an isolated environment and dedicated resources, including CPU, RAM, and disk space.

Why We are Trusted as Virtual Private Server Provider

2005 Since
30+ Hosting Locations
50,000+ Global Customer Base
100,000+ Servers Running

Unparalleled Performance

With is*hosting, you get instant loading of your web resources thanks to powerful hardware and trouble-free VPS operation. The scalability of VPS hosting to meet your growing needs and the 99,99% uptime allow you to use it most efficiently.

Complete Control and Flexibility

The ability to select an operating system, customize system resources, install monitoring and security tools, and full remote access gives you the flexibility you need when working with a virtual private server. Manage the server as you want.

24/7 Expert Support

We understand the critical role of quality and fast support when it comes to hosting. That's why we provide our customers with 24/7 technical support via chat and ticket system. is*hosting guarantees timely response and individual approach.

Buy VPS Hosting Plan

Get access to your own VPS hosting solution! Choose a plan, specify your configuration, and place your order.

  • 31 Countries Linux
    $5.00 / 1 month
    • Xeon 1x2.60 GHz CPU
    • 1 Gb RAM
    • 20GB NVMe Disk
    • 2 Tb Bandwidth
    • IPV4 optional
    • 1Gbps Port
    • Weekly Backup
    • DDoS Protection
    • KVM Virtualization
  • 31 Countries Linux/Windows
    $10.00 / 1 month
    • Xeon 2x2.60 GHz CPU
    • 2 Gb RAM
    • 30GB NVMe Disk
    • 3 Tb Bandwidth
    • IPV4 optional
    • 1Gbps Port
    • Weekly Backup
    • DDoS Protection
    • KVM Virtualization
  • Medium Recommended
    31 Countries Linux/Windows
    $20.00 / 1 month
    • Xeon 3x2.60 GHz CPU
    • 4 Gb RAM
    • 40GB NVMe Disk
    • Unmetered Bandwidth
    • IPV4 optional
    • 1 Gbps Port
    • Weekly Backup
    • DDoS Protection
    • KVM Virtualization
  • 31 Countries Linux/Windows
    $40.00 / 1 month
    • Xeon 4x2.60 GHz CPU
    • 8 Gb RAM
    • 50GB NVMe Disk
    • Unmetered Bandwidth
    • IPV4 optional
    • 1 Gbps Port
    • Weekly Backup
    • DDoS Protection
    • KVM Virtualization
  • 31 Countries Linux/Windows
    $60.00 / 1 month
    • Xeon 6x2.60 GHz CPU
    • 16 Gb RAM
    • 80GB NVMe Disk
    • Unmetered Bandwidth
    • IPV4 optional
    • 1 Gbps Port
    • Weekly Backup
    • DDoS Protection
    • KVM Virtualization
  • 31 Countries Linux/Windows
    $90.00 / 1 month
    • Xeon 8x2.60 GHz CPU
    • 32 Gb RAM
    • 100GB NVMe Disk
    • Unmetered Bandwidth
    • IPV4 optional
    • 1 Gbps Port
    • Weekly Backup
    • DDoS Protection
    • KVM Virtualization

Boost Your VPS Server Resources

With our flexible upgrade options, you can continually optimize your VPS server to meet your evolving needs. Whether you need more resources, VPS scalability allows you to seamlessly upgrade as you grow. We make it simple to add more RAM, extra disk space, backup frequency, new IP, with no hassle.

Need a custom configuration or consultation?

Reach out to us through our chat service, and let our team assist you in selecting the ideal server for your needs.

What Customers Get with Our Cloud VPS Hosting?

Weekly Backups

With us, you spend zero on automated weekly backups. The encrypted backups are stored securely and can be used to restore your server data. We also offer daily backup service of your VPS hosting if needed.

Basic SLA

The uptime of is*hosting servers reaches 99,99% and professional technical support provides customers with timely assistance. So we can guarantee exceptional performance and stability of VPS servers.

Moving Projects

Do you need to move your project from the old server to the new one? Our technical team will prepare all the data and transfer your project to our VPS hosting. Fast, free and without interrupting your work.

24/7 Technical Support

Don't worry about possible difficulties - we’ll do it for you. is*hosting specialists will help you to solve any questions, advise you on the choice of new services and allow you to be less anxious about issues.

Free DDoS Protection

With our VPS you get protection against common DDoS attacks. We offer 2 types of DDoS protection (L2, L3, L4): standard (free) for servers in the Netherlands and advanced. The efficiency of the standard protection is 95%.

Monitoring and Recovery

Our technical team monitors systems and servers around the clock. We try to solve problems at an early stage without involving the customer. Your focus on your project is what is important to us.

VPS Hosting Capacities Around the World

Get global availability, reach new markets, serve international audiences, and support truly multi-country businesses with different VPS server locations. Build your own distributed infrastructure to scale internationally.

Get the Most of the is*hosting VPS Servers

Control Panels

Convenient VPS control panels, including ISPmanager, Hestia, DirectAdmin, and others, allow you to control your virtual private server fully. They have all the necessary tools to configure domains, to work with databases, mailboxes, and much more. Panels allow you to monitor system resources, install applications, and perform updates.

Popular CMS for Your Websites

On our VPS hosting you can easily install the most popular CMS for creating websites, blogs and online stores. You can choose such popular solutions as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and others. They will greatly facilitate the creation of web projects and allow you to take advantage of the huge functionality and community support.

Operating Systems

Our VPS servers offer excellent operating system compatibility for both Linux and Windows. You can choose a suitable operating system such as Ubuntu, Debian, Alma Linux, Rocky Linux, CentOS or one of the Windows versions. We can also provide you with a Mikrotik server. Use the OS that is more appropriate for your project's development.

Top-class Infrastructure

The high-performance infrastructure of is*hosting ensures smooth and fast operation of virtual private servers. We offer reliable HI-END class server hardware in Tier 3+ secure data centers in more than 30 countries. All the necessary equipment, redundant resources, and robust monitoring systems are in place at our partner data centers.

Special Offer to Buy VPS Server

Here you'll find optimized VPS plans designed for a variety of use cases and workflows. Whether you need light resources to test concepts or heavy infrastructure to run production applications, we have performance configurations to accelerate your goals.
Buy VPS hosting and experience the power today!


        What Customers Say About is*hosting Services

        We value the opinion of each of our customers and try to learn valuable lessons from their experiences with our company. Here you can read testimonials from real people and businesses who have already used our dedicated and VPS hosting.

        Very good hosting. Best support and price VPS

        I'm very satisfied with their service. They have true 24/7 support and they reply very fast. Don't hesitate to contact them if you have any issues, and you will get a reply in few minutes. I recommend it 100%.

        hostadvice More than 500+ feedbacks on
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        Frequently Asked Questions About VPS Hosting

        VPS stands for a virtual private server. This is an isolated virtual environment on a physical server with a certain allocated capacity of CPU, RAM and disk space. Physical servers can have several individually running VPS. This allows you to get all the benefits of a dedicated hosting - root access, your own IP addresses, installation of any operating system and software, etc. - at a lower price.

        Virtualization technology allows multiple VPS servers to be placed on a single physical server. You are not limited by a virtual private server in settings and administration - you have full root access and remain independent from other projects on that physical server.

        The cost of renting a virtual private server is significantly lower than renting a dedicated hosting, because you use only the part of the physical server with the required amount of resources. You also get flexibility in operation - you can change the configuration of the server. For example, you can change the disk size, RAM or processor capacity at any time.

        Virtualization technology is a powerful computing concept that allows you to create multiple virtual environments, or "virtual machines", on a single physical computer. So we can divide a dedicated physical server into multiple VPS servers. Each virtual machine can run its own operating system and applications independently, providing a secure and isolated environment for different tasks or workloads.

        Virtualization technology provides strong isolation between virtual machines. This isolation ensures that applications running in one VM cannot interfere with or access the resources of another VM, improving security and reliability.

        VPS hosting is ideal for websites and applications that require more resources than shared hosting can provide. This includes high-traffic websites, e-commerce stores, online gaming platforms, or applications that require significant processing power and memory.

        It is also suitable for small and growing businesses. If your project experiences increased traffic or requires more resources, you can scale up your VPS plan to accommodate the growth.

        VPS is also often used for development and testing purposes. Developers can create isolated environments to test new software, applications, or website changes without affecting the live production environment.

        We provide customers with both managed and unmanaged VPS hosting on some plans.

        Managed VPS hosting is a type of service where we, as the hosting provider, take care of the technical management and maintenance of the VPS server on your behalf. This means that we are responsible for tasks such as server setup, configuration, operating system updates, security patches, etc.

        On the other hand, unmanaged VPS gives you full control and responsibility over the management and maintenance of your VPS server. This level of control gives you the flexibility to customize and optimize your server according to your specific needs.

        You can check our documentation to find out more about additional services.

        You can install any operating system on your VPS server, so we offer various options to install. Some specialists prefer Windows VPS for its high compatibility with various Windows-based applications.

        Linux is an open source operating system, which means it is freely available and customizable. This allows a wide range of software and applications to be installed and configured on a Linux VPS, giving you greater flexibility to choose the tools and technologies that best suit your needs.

        A dedicated server can be represented as a physical machine, and multiple VPS can be represented as part of that physical machine. To divide the physical machine into VPS servers, we use virtualization technology.

        Dedicated servers are most often used for projects with relatively high resource requirements. The main differences between these two options are the physical representation and the price. Dedicated hosting may be more expensive than you expect, in which case buying fully managed VPS is an acceptable alternative.

        Of course, you can! You can rent a dedicated server from is*hosting and transfer your project from a managed VPS to it. All data will be transferred quickly, free of charge and, most importantly, without interrupting the work of your website or project. All you have to do is send a request to our technical support and wait a little while for our specialists to perform the transfer and notify you.

        You can get access to VPS hosting usually within a few minutes (up to several hours, depending on the time of day) after paying for the order. Information about access to the purchased server will be sent to the e-mail address you provided when registering on the site. If you have problems accessing a virtual private server you have already purchased, you can contact is*hosting technical support. We'll find out what the problem is.

        To test the VPS hosting, you can use the trial period before fully renting a virtual server. The trial version supports all features and does not differ in any way from the paid version. To get a trial period for a virtual private server, you need to make a special application (we wrote about this in more detail here). If the selected VPS doesn't suit you, you won't be charged for the trial period. If you decide to continue working and purchase a virtual private server, the trial period will be included in the first payment period.

        Enhance Your VPS With Optional Extras

        Personal VPN
        Want to keep your privacy online? Use a personal VPN with a static IP address and a dedicated DNS server.
        From $5.00 /mo
        Data Storage
        Use an additional secure location by is*hosting to store your data to avoid downtime and information theft.
        From $1.00 /mo

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