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We are is*hosting.

Managed IT Infrastructure. iS*simple

Expansion of usual opportunities and professional attitude to each person. That's what we love to do and have been doing it successfully for 16 years. Personal approach towards each client is the main goal of the business for the success of both parties.

Our stellar team consists of talented and enthusiastic people from over 10 countries with huge passion for Compute Technologies and we are all excited to be part of this journey. We believe connecting people with the right technology is accompanied to global opportunities that lead us to the empowerment of our success.

How we do business

  • Empowerment and reliability

    Our focus is to empower our customers' business.

    We are responsive to save them time, money, and lower stress. We understand their needs and concerns. It’s about doing things the right way. For us, success is measured in more than just profits. Years of experience treating our customers as partners makes us a reliable service provider for many years ahead.

  • Transparency and people first

    These are core strongholds of our whole business culture. We help our customers solve any issues, on the best options, until they are completely satisfied with the result. We do not decline client's requests or tickets, we are responsive and open to solving any disputes or technical bottlenecks.

  • Deliverability and versatility

    is*hosting works across multiple regions, including: U.S., Germany, Russia, Ukraine, Netherlands, Sweden, Poland, Estonia, Canada, UK, Switzerland, Singapore, UAE, Japan. Our state-of-the-art data centers use the latest technology to guarantee powerful performance and availability. We offer tiered, custom bandwidth and server configurations based on customer usage with transparent information on data rates. And of course, fully compliant with security policies, we take a meticulous approach ensuring that your private data stays private and protected.


London, United Kingdom

"is*hosting" is a trademark of 3NT SOLUTIONS LLP

22 Brondesbury Park, Willesden London, England NW6 7DL





Legal address: A-5801-65 - Flamingo Villas, Ajman, UAE

phone: +971585341131

e-mail: [email protected]

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