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Host your projects on Bare metal servers from is*hosting - get stable work and growth opportunities. Choose your tariff and keep on developing.

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No Suitable Configuration?

The is*hosting team of professionals will make you the most optimal individual offer - a dedicated server configuration to meet the needs of your project. Just contact us by creating a ticket.

Bare Metal Features


You are the only tenant and do not suffer from noisy neighbors, all server capacity is fully provided to you. Thanks to modern, reliable hardware and a server configuration optimized for workload, resources can be efficiently allocated. Hardware-level security is guaranteed by SGX and SEV technologies. You can be sure - the bare metal server is completely isolated.


A bare metal server means fast deployment because it is provided without an operating system and the client can install any OS and software. You can use metadata to optimize the server and customize it. Bare metal makes it easy to use the RESTful API for web development, and deployment without public IP secures the connection.


Compared to other hosting options, Bare metal has a more stable I/O system performance. In the server operation the latest NVME, SSD disks are used, which allows you not to limit the load, fully use the resources, and not worry about critical files. Redundant pipes provide protection against data loss and reliability of communication.


With Bare metal server hosting you can use both IPv4 and IPv6, as well as elastic addressing to increase flexibility. A proprietary internal network is used to communicate between servers, and Layer 2 VLANs allow you to create private networks. Suppose you need to transmit data globally, between locations. In that case, you can also use the internal network.

Is*hosting Advantages

Reliable equipment, high-quality service, and feedback at any stage of work - this is all about is*hosting. We won't keep you waiting and will do everything possible to make your project grow steadily. Join is*family and get the best work experience.

Years of Experience

For 18 years, we've been meeting all of our customers' needs. Rely on our team of qualified specialists and you won't regret it.

Top-class Infrastructure

is*hosting offers customers all the advantages of international infrastructure built with our own Hi-End class server equipment.

Perfect support

Any time of the day or night and any question - is*hosting technical support will come to help and promptly suggest a solution.


A Bare metal server is similar to a dedicated server, but it is provided without an operating system and rented by only one user. Bare metal servers can be the basic element for building your own IT infrastructure.

The main feature of the bare metal server is that it comes without a hypervisor. The tenant gets carte blanche and makes his own decision about the installation of operating systems, software, etc. That is why the Bare Metal as a Service (BMaaS) model is especially popular among IT professionals.

Control and high performance are achieved due to the absence of a pre-installed operating system and other software components. The tenant chooses the OS independently and distributes the server load according to the needs of his project. For more complex resource-intensive applications bare metal is also an optimal option.

No neighbors. In the case of a typical virtual or cloud server, unscrupulous users of shared server capacity can significantly degrade your work experience. Also, due to the fact that you are the only tenant, the quality of service is improved.

Increased security is ensured by the latest encryption, lack of unauthorized access, and comprehensive attack protection systems, including SGX and SEV.

Rent a Bare metal server if you need:

  • Higher server performance for running complex applications;
  • Single-person capacity, full control over the server, and customization for a specific project;
  • Better service than other hosting options;
  • Improved network performance, including elastic addressing, global backend transfer, etc;
  • To create your own IT infrastructure.

VPS, as a popular virtualization hosting option, attracts customers with fast resource allocation and easy scalability. However, VPS doesn't have the processing power, disk, and network performance of dedicated servers or Bare metal. Virtual private servers are suitable for less "demanding" projects.

Dedicated server providers offer traditional rates with a pre-installed operating system, a control panel, and a fixed monthly or annual fee. Renting a bare metal server is offered without an operating system and with flexible pricing packages, where customers pay only for what they use, without overpayments.

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