Linux Dedicated Server

Choose your favorite Debian, CentOS and Ubuntu distribution for your Linux dedicated server hosting. You can experiment with the system and achieve your goals efficiently.

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Dedicated Servers Linux Configurations

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No Suitable Configuration?

Didn't find the right configuration? is*hosting specialists will make you a personal offer of renting a dedicated server as soon as possible after checking in with technical support.

Dedicated Linux Server from is*hosting

Control Panels

Choose any user-friendly control panel for your dedicated Linux server: an easy-to-use interface and a wide range of options for each of your projects. Get the most out of your dedicated server!

Use Popular CMS for Your Websites

Use the most popular CMSs to build the perfect website: from WordPress and Joomla to HubSpot CMS and Drupal. With a Linux server, it's your choice - bring your most exciting ideas to life.

Project Transfer

The is*hosting team will migrate your project to a new hosting service quickly, free of charge and without interruption. We'll make the necessary preparations, take your requirements into account and notify you when the transfer is complete.


To keep your data safe, we create weekly backups that are stored on a remote server. If required, you can create daily backups on your own storage.

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User Friendly 4.9
Support 5.0
Features 4.9
Reliability 5.0
Pricing 4.9

Linux Builds for Dedicated Server


A dedicated Ubuntu server offers enhanced security through regular updates. The Ubuntu operating system is suitable for projects that require flexibility and rapid scalability in the face of changing requirements. This is facilitated by the low resource consumption of the build.

Ubuntu is the ideal operating system for working with the OpenStack cloud environment Convenient and intuitive interface Integrates with all hardware and software OS updates twice a year


A Debian dedicated server build is popular with more experienced users because it allows for flexible server configuration. A Debian dedicated server also has a security system in its favor, as once the configuration is properly configured, it becomes an impregnable fortress.

Only high quality update packages Accessible and complete OS documentation Logical configuration structure Easy upgrades between versions


High performance, easy management and customisation. The CentOS dedicated server provides all the options for technical customisation to meet the needs of the project, including an enhanced level of security. CentOS handles heavy workloads and is just as fast as other builds.

Compatible with popular control panels Increased performance level More stable operation Open Source and Free
Use With
Data Storage Keep your important data, backups and other files safe and secure. Simply choose a capacity and we'll make sure your data is safe.
From$1.00 /mo

Everything is Under Control

Your peace of mind is important to us. The is*hosting team monitors server availability 24/7, resolves any problems quickly and is always available to answer customer questions.

24/7 Support and Monitoring

We are always at our customers' side and do not disturb them unnecessarily. You can come to us for help any day, any time.

High Performance

is*hosting offers exceptionally reliable in-house HI-END equipment to ensure the best performance.

Top-class Infrastructure

The best data centers, 31 locations and high availability are all about the global is*hosting infrastructure.

Frequently asked questions about Linux dedicated servers

A dedicated server can be described as a physical machine whose resources are dedicated to one or more projects of a single tenant. The benefits of a dedicated server include high performance, sufficient resources, no bad neighbors and increased security.

A dedicated Linux server (or any other operating system) may be suitable for you if your project requires more dedicated resources and if you expect your project to grow in the future, requiring increased hosting capacity.

Dedicated hosting is a physically presented server used by a single tenant. This allows for better performance, faster connectivity and the necessary data protection.

VPS, or virtual private server, uses operating system-based virtualisation technology. A single physical server can house multiple virtual private servers. In general, VPS and dedicated server management are similar, but dedicated hosting is a more reliable option.

When you order a managed Linux dedicated server, the is*hosting team will do all the technical work on the server based on your needs, including OS installation, control panel, etc. In the meantime, you can focus on your own project.

An unmanaged Linux dedicated server allows you to install the operating system, necessary software, etc. yourself. In this case you have more flexible configuration and full control over the server.

After selecting the location and defining the technical parameters of the dedicated server in the configurator on the is*hosting website, you need to create an account and add the server to the cart.

In your personal account, choose a payment method (bank card, cryptocurrency or other payment methods) and pay for the dedicated server rental service. After a while you will receive a confirmation email and access keys for the hosting.

During the order process you can also specify your wishes about the transfer of the project from the old hosting to the new one.

The choice of server location depends on the audience to be reached, the market to be targeted or even the level of connectivity latency. Currently, is*hosting dedicated servers can be ordered in Germany, the USA, the Netherlands and Ukraine.

Renting a physical server with a 100 Mbps channel gives you unlimited and unrestricted traffic.

When renting a dedicated Linux server, we offer a variable bandwidth from 100 Mbps to 20 Gbps. The cost of the dedicated server also depends on this technical parameter.

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