Unmanaged Dedicated Server

Gain full control over your dedicated, unmanaged server resources. Develop your own projects and stay independent.

100 Mbps Channel
With No Limit
Ready for
Technical Support

Unmanaged Server Configurations

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No Suitable Configuration?

Didn't find the right configuration? is*hosting specialists will make you a personal offer of renting a dedicated server as soon as possible after checking in with technical support.

Why Unmanaged Server?

Unmanaged dedicated servers from is*hosting give you full control over server resources and the ability to customize the server environment. Customize the server to your project requirements and team needs by installing specific software and selecting security measures. An unmanaged server is a flexible hosting solution with high performance.

Full Control of Your Environment Root Level Access
Highest Levels of Speed and Performance Ultra-Reliable Servers

Unmanaged Dedicated Servers

With an unmanaged dedicated server, you get the flexibility to customize your server environment and high-performance hardware that only you can control.

Install Your Own Operating System

Choose from popular Linux distributions, from versions of Windows Server or other operating systems, and install on your own server.

Manage Your Server With IPMI

We provide a dedicated IPMI remote administration interface for convenient server management. Unmanaged server for full control.

Use Any Software

Configure the unmanaged dedicated server to your needs. Use any specialized software you want for development, design, data analytics, etc.

hostadvice Last update: March 2023
User Friendly 4.9
Support 5.0
Features 4.9
Reliability 5.0
Pricing 4.9
Use With
Data StorageTo avoid downtime and theft of sensitive data, use dedicated data storage from is*hosting. Secure place for backups and crucial information.
From$1.00 /mo

Everything is Under Control

is*hosting is a provider you can rely on. We are committed to providing the highest quality services, and our technical support is available around the clock to assist customers in any situation.

Support and Monitoring 24/7

We are the first to know about dedicated unmanaged server availability issues and resolve problems without involving the customer.

High Performance

The is*hosting team guarantees the declared capacity of the equipment and offers you to choose the configuration according to your needs.

Perfect Infrastructure

We have built an exceptionally reliable global infrastructure of certified data centers and servers of HI-END class.


Whether you need a managed or unmanaged dedicated server depends on your technical expertise and control level over server management. An unmanaged server is for those who need more flexibility and customization of the server and want to have full control over the server environment. With an unmanaged server, you can install any software and operating system you want, as well as make security decisions.
Choosing an unmanaged server is suitable for those with advanced technical skills and experience in server administration.

A managed dedicated server is a type of hosting where the is*hosting team takes care of all server management activities on your behalf. This includes server setup, software installation, security updates, regular monitoring and technical support.
If you don't have experience in server administration or if you prefer to focus on your core business without worrying about server management, it is better to choose a managed dedicated server.
With an unmanaged dedicated server, you have full control over the server, but are responsible for managing it yourself. We provide the server and you can customize it to meet the requirements of your project. That's the perfect hosting option for advanced users who know their needs.

To order a dedicated server you should follow these steps:

  1. Choice of Location;
  2. Plan Selection;
  3. Setting the Selected Plan;
  4. Order Confirmation (cart);
  5. Payment for the Order.

We have described the ordering process in more detail in this article.

Choosing a country for a dedicated unmanaged server depends on several factors, including the location of your audience, privacy regulations, and server performance. To reduce latency and improve website or application load times, choose a country and data center that are geographically closer to your target audience.
Dedicated servers without administration from is*hosting are available in Germany, the Netherlands, Russia, the USA and Ukraine.

The basic bandwidth unmanaged servers is set at 100 Mbps with no limit. A channel up to 1Gbps with or without traffic restrictions can be purchased for an additional fee.

Didn’t Find What You Were Looking For?

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