Rent a Dedicated Windows Server

Host your project on a dedicated Windows server with the latest version, user-friendly and easy to use. With a pre-installed operating system and simple operation, you can manage your workflows efficiently.

100 Mbps Channel
With No Limit
Free Moving
Technical Support
Monitoring and

Dedicated Windows Servers Configurations

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No Suitable Configuration?

Didn't find the right configuration? is*hosting specialists will make you a personal offer of renting a dedicated server as soon as possible after checking in with technical support.

Windows Dedicated Servers from is*hosting

Once you have selected the required specifications for your dedicated server, you can also use the Configurator to install a specific version of Windows. From the drop-down list, select the type of operating system with a monthly license fee or a one-off installation fee.

Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard x64 Windows Server 2016 Standard x64 Windows Server 2019 Standard x64
Windows 7 Pro x64 Windows 10 Pro x64

Why Windows Dedicated Servers from is*hosting?

Easy to Manage

Manage your own dedicated Windows server using IPMI or Remote Desktop (RDP). Connect securely to the server from anywhere in the world and easily manage all operations, including settings, mail, and other work tasks.

Windows Ecosystem

A dedicated Windows server is the ideal solution for those who are comfortable with this operating system. Deploy familiar work and personal applications within the Windows ecosystem. Make your server environment as convenient as possible for any purpose.

Project Transfer

The is*hosting team will transfer your project quickly, free of charge and without interruption. Simply provide us with the access keys to your old and new hosting and we will make all the necessary arrangements and perform the transfer.

Server with GPU

Get the most out of your dedicated Windows server. A server with a GPU increases the hardware's computing power for more complex tasks, including working with Data Science, graphics software, and more.

hostadvice Last update: March 2023
User Friendly 4.9
Support 5.0
Features 4.9
Reliability 5.0
Pricing 4.9

Dedicated Windows Server Hosting Features

100 Mbps Channel With No Limit

Working online requires a stable and fast connection. That's why the is*hosting team guarantees unlimited bandwidth with the rental of dedicated Windows servers at 100 Mbps. We make sure you're always online.

Same-day Installation

Choose the configuration, period of use, create an account, pay for the Windows dedicated server and we will start preparing your order immediately. You will receive a confirmation email with the access keys as soon as possible and you can start using your Windows server.

Free Moving Projects

Make a ticket about transfer to the is*hosting technical team when ordering the server. Free project transfer from your old hosting to is*hosting Windows servers is available after payment and its confirmation.

24/7 Technical Support

You can count on is*hosting's technical support any time, any day. Our experienced specialists will never be rude or ignore you, but will immediately help you with problems and answer your questions. If there's a problem, we won't bother you, we'll fix it ourselves.

DDoS Protection

is*hosting offers 2 types of protection against DDoS attacks (L2, L3, L4) - available for servers in the Netherlands. The standard option guarantees up to 95% protection during a DDoS attack by adding your IP to the general protection zone. Advanced DDoS protection gives you more flexibility and increases the "integrity" of your server.

Monitoring and Recovery

We have full control of the hardware, so we are the first to know of any server availability issues and can take appropriate action. You can also contact the experts for expert information on the performance of your dedicated Windows servers.
Use With
Data Storage Keep business-critical data and project backups safe and secure. Choose the right amount of storage space from is*hosting and you won't have to worry about keeping your files safe.
From$1.00 /mo

Everything is Under Control

Free 24/7 monitoring of your sites' availability, recovery and monitoring of critical metrics. Focus on your projects - we'll take care of the rest.

24/7 Support and Monitoring

Rely on is*hosting technical support. Any questions or difficulties? Simply contact us.

High Performance

We offer exceptionally reliable and manageable dedicated servers based on SuperMicro, DELL and Juniper networking equipment.

Top-class Infrastructure

In 18 years of hosting services, the is*hosting team has built a global infrastructure in 31 countries with HI-END equipment.

Frequently Asked Questions about Windows Dedicated Server Hosting

The choice of a dedicated server should be underpinned by the need for dedicated resources, increased security and high performance. This hosting option is suitable for both business and personal use.

With a dedicated Windows server of any version (or other operating system), you have complete control over the use of its resources, changing settings and performing technical work. A dedicated server is a physically present machine with a number of advantages that make this type of hosting more reliable.

A managed dedicated server is suitable for those who want to pay more attention to the development of the project itself. In this case, the is*hosting team will take care of all technical issues based on your hosting requirements.

An unmanaged dedicated server is required for more experienced users where individual configuration and management is critical. In this case, the server owner installs the operating system and software and can manage the server themselves via IPMI.

VPS uses operating system-based virtualisation technology. A virtual private server is similar to a dedicated server in terms of management and is inferior to it in terms of reliability.

Dedicated hosting can be represented as physical hardware that is completely dedicated to a project. At the same time, there can be multiple VPS on the same physical server.

The difference between dedicated hosting and VPS can also be found in the cost. A virtual private server will cost less because it cannot offer the same benefits as dedicated hosting.

is*hosting offers several versions of Windows operating systems to choose from: Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard x64, Windows Server 2016 Standard x64, Windows Server 2019 Standard x64, Windows 7 Pro x64, Windows 10 Pro x64.

There are two ways to install Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard x64: by paying for the license (the cost of the license is included in the total invoice) and by providing the license (a one-time installation fee is charged for a 1-month lease, and installation is free for a more than 3-month rent).

Other versions of Windows for the dedicated server require a license from the customer. If you rent a server for 3 months or more, the OS installation is free of charge.

Select the desired server location and configure the technical parameters in the configurator on the is*hosting website. After creating your account, add the chosen server to your cart and pay for the service for a certain period (1, 3, 6 or 12 months). If you rent a server for more than 1 month, you can get a discount.

Among the payment methods available are bank cards, cryptocurrencies, etc.

If you need help choosing a server configuration or are experiencing any other issues, please contact our technical support team by email or online chat.

Currently, is*hosting dedicated servers can be ordered in Germany, the USA, the Netherlands and Ukraine. The choice of location depends on the audience you want to attract, the content you need access to, etc.

When renting a dedicated Windows server, we offer a variable bandwidth from 100 Mbps to 20 Gbps. The cost of the dedicated server also depends on this technical parameter.

Renting a physical server with a 100 Mbps channel gives you unlimited and unrestricted traffic.

Didn’t Find What You Were Looking For?

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