Amnezia VPN

With Amnezia, you're your own VPN provider and in control of all your online privacy processes. Amnezia VPN is a ready-to-use solution developed by is*hosting in partnership with Amnezia Client. Create your own Amnezia VPN server and stay safe online.

Features Amnezia VPN

Easy Setup All you need to do is install the official Amnezia client and connect to the server. A few clicks and you are ready to go on any device.
Speed Amnezia VPN combined with your own server gives you the speed and stability you need to connect securely anywhere. Work comfortably with low latency.
Security Amnezia VPN uses the OpenVPN protocol, which is considered one of the most secure protocols for virtual private networks.
Dedicated IP A dedicated IP address for a VPN is essential to get rid of blockers, captchas, and bad neighbors. With a static IP, a VPN gives you the level of protection you need.
Own Firewall We've taken care to ensure that your online traffic cannot be accessed by third parties. A configured Firewall is included with Amnezia VPN.
Your Own Server You will need a reliable server to set up your personal VPN service. Choose a ready-made configuration and use your own VPN server.
Supports Any Device The official Amnezia client is available for most devices, making it versatile and usable for any operating system. The app download is available for iOS, MacOS, Windows, Android, and Linux. It takes a few minutes to install and set up, after which you can connect to the configured Amnezia VPN server on different devices with a single link. Available:
Quick Start To start using it, you need to download the app and follow the steps below
Installing the App Download and launch the official Amnezia app on the device of your choice to start establishing a secure connection.
Loading Configuration Download the ready-made server configuration you received after ordering. You will find the necessary data in the email.
Ready to use Done! Now you can configure more settings and securely connect to the network. Your data is encrypted and you remain undetected.
Congratulations, you've managed to set up, use the app with pleasure!

Amnezia VPN - Personal VPN

is*hosting offers people who wish to remain anonymous on the Internet a special solution developed in conjunction with Amnezia VPN. Simply and quickly, you can connect a dedicated IP VPN through a special app.

Easy to start

is*hosting servers are already configured to use a dedicated VPN by Amnezia. You only need to enter the data of the necessary server and work without worrying about your privacy.

Apps for Mac and Windows

The application through which you can manage the VPN by Amnezia is available for both macOS and Windows. In it, you can find the necessary settings for your project to work online.

1 month
$ 5 .00
BUY Now Payment of $5.00 every 1 month
3 months
$ 15 .00
BUY Now Payment of $15.00 every 3 months
6 months
$ 30 .00
BUY Now Payment of $30.00 every 6 months
POPULAR 1 year
$ 60 .00
BUY Now Payment of $60.00 every 1 year
2 years
$ 120 .00
BUY Now Payment of $120.00 every 2 years

Benefits of Amnezia VPN with a dedicated IP

  • VPN connection types - OpenVPN, ShadowSocks, WireGuard, Cloak
  • Support for Windows, Linux, Mac OS, iOS, Android!
  • VPS parameters: 512MB RAM, 1 core, 5GB SSD, Debian 11.x
  • Connection speed - 1 Gbit/s
  • No logging

Amnezia VPN in 30 countries

Amnezia VPN and is*hosting give you the ability to connect from any device, anywhere in the world. The international server infrastructure of is*hosting allows you to choose the most convenient server location for your VPN. You can choose from 30 countries and 34 cities in Eurasia, Australia, South America, and North America. Our team is constantly working to expand the available data centers, which meet international security standards.

Australia + $1.50
Brazil + $1.50
Czech Republic
Hong Kong + $1.50
Japan + $1.50
Singapore + $1.50
United Kingdom

Why is*hosting?

You can rely on us. is*hosting's trustworthiness is best demonstrated by our impeccable reputation and positive customer feedback. We are constantly striving to improve the range and quality of our services and remain a provider you can trust.

Unrivaled Expertise

The is*hosting team consists of dedicated professionals. We listen to your needs, meet them, and offer quality service.

Reliable Partner

Our technical support team is always on hand to provide advice and assistance to our customers if they have any difficulties.

Always on Trend

The advantage of is*hosting is its own reliable server hardware of the HI-END class and a global availability of 99.99%.


Amnezia VPN is a free, open-source service for creating a personal VPN on your server. It allows you to quickly and easily deploy a VPN on an off-the-shelf server to ensure privacy on your network.

Regular VPN services can track your traffic and sell personal information to third-party companies. With Amnezia VPN, your data is literally unavailable to anyone because you connect the service to your own server.

The current version of Amnezia VPN uses OpenVPN over ShadowSocks.

OpenVPN is an open virtual private network (VPN) protocol that provides secure and encrypted connectivity for all online activities. It uses the OpenSSL library and supports several encryption algorithms including ChaCha, AES 256, 3DES, Blowfish, Camellia, CAST-128, and AES.

ShadowSocks is based on the SOCKS5 proxy protocol, which protects the connection using the AEAD cipher, which is roughly the same principle as the SSH tunnel. Basic ShadowSocks encryption is harder to detect because it looks identical to a normal HTTPS connection.

Amnezia VPN's security is proven by the use of the most secure VPN protocols - OpenVPN, ShadowSocks, WireGuard, and Cloak - and by the absence of any logging, as all traffic passes through your own server.

All Amnezia VPN source codes are available for audit, both client and server.

In partnership with Amnezia VPN, the is*hosting team has developed a proprietary configuration that allows you to set up a VPN quickly and securely. This configuration is ideal for VPNs and does not require you to take any extra steps to set it up.

After paying for the server, you will receive your server access details (server IP, username, and password) in your email. After installing the Amnezia VPN application, you need to enter these credentials in the appropriate fields. The software will automatically establish a VPN connection.

Use Dedicated IP VPN with

Dedicated Servers
Powerful and reliable dedicated servers. Both administered and non-administered servers are available.
From $60.00 /mo
VPS servers from is*hosting guarantee uninterrupted operation of your project on the Internet.
From $5.00 /mo