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Forex VPS
with Low Latency
Support 24/7
Speed SSD

Forex VPS Plans

    • InteractiveBrokers
    • axi
    • fxdd
    • ICMarkets
    • forexware
    • pepperstone
    • ATC Brokers
    • JFD Brokers
    • FXCM
    • USA Windows
      $120.00 / year
      • Xeon 2.00 GHz CPU
      • 2 Gb RAM
      • 30GB SSD Disk
      • 3 Tb Bandwidth
      • 1Gbps Port
      • Weekly Backup
      • KVM Virtualization
    • Recommended
      USA Windows
      $240.00 / year
      • Xeon 2x2.00 GHz CPU
      • 4 Gb RAM
      • 40GB SSD Disk
      • Unmetered Bandwidth
      • 1 Gbps Port
      • Weekly Backup
      • KVM Virtualization
    • USA Windows
      $480.00 / year
      • Xeon 3x2.00 GHz CPU
      • 8 Gb RAM
      • 50GB SSD Disk
      • Unmetered Bandwidth
      • 1 Gbps Port
      • Weekly Backup
      • KVM Virtualization
    • USA Windows
      $720.00 / year
      • Xeon 4x2.00 GHz CPU
      • 16 Gb RAM
      • 80GB SSD Disk
      • Unmetered Bandwidth
      • 1 Gbps Port
      • Weekly Backup
      • KVM Virtualization
    • USA Windows
      $1080.00 / year
      • Xeon 6x2.00 GHz CPU
      • 32 Gb RAM
      • 100GB SSD Disk
      • Unmetered Bandwidth
      • 1 Gbps Port
      • Weekly Backup
      • KVM Virtualization

    is*hosting Forex VPS Features

    Forex VPS with Low Latency
    Forex trading, data collection and analysis require the lowest possible connectivity latency and no connection issues. The Forex VPS is able to fully meet these needs of traders who trade with or without automated systems. Just choose a suitable configuration.
    Technical Support 24/7
    We are committed to helping any trader who needs assistance in resolving any issues that may arise while trading Forex on our VPS. You can contact the is*hosting specialists in any possible way for guidance. We're here for you around the clock.
    99.99% Uptime
    Your trading platform will be online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week - as your virtual private Forex server has a 99.99% uptime guarantee. This is essential for traders who use automated trading systems or rely on 24/7 access to the Forex market.
    High Speed SSD
    Don't lose precious milliseconds and potential profits due to changing quotes. Forex trading requires not only constant but also fast connectivity. Forex VPS from is*hosting gives traders fast access to the market and its data using high-speed SSD.
    Unmetered Bandwidth
    The is*hosting team understands the importance of server stability when trading Forex. We guarantee unmetered bandwidth to ensure a stable and reliable connection between the trader and the broker's server, no matter where it's located. Don't limit yourself.
    Installation Assistance
    If required, our technical support experts will help you set up your Forex server with ease. Once you have access to your VPS, contact us and we'll guide you through installing the necessary software and completing all server preparations before trading.
    Global Coverage
    is*hosting has made sure that you always have a choice. Our global server infrastructure allows you to choose from any of 23 countries, reducing the distance between you and your broker's server. The closer location, the better Forex trading.
    See all VPS configurations
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    Advantages of Our Forex VPS

    Ideal for MT4/MT5

    Do you prefer MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 terminals? We have the perfect solution - VPS for MT4/MT5 with low latency and other benefits for trading, collecting and analyzing quotes. Choose your MT4 VPS location and configuration and start trading.

    High Operating Efficiency

    We guarantee high performance and 99.99% uptime for your Forex trading server. Thanks to is*hosting's HI-END class server hardware, you'll have real-time access to Forex and be able to make quick decisions. Take full advantage of your server resources.

    Help with Setting Up

    Once you've purchased a Forex VPS, you can set it up however you like. The is*hosting team can help you set up the necessary software (trading terminals) free of charge - just contact us. Trade with your Forex virtual private server without any hassle.

    No Overselling

    The resources of the Forex Virtual Private Server are dedicated to you. No bad neighbors, no extraneous software, no misuse of resources, no overselling and no connectivity delays as a result. Take advantage of guaranteed capacity when trading Forex.

    Everything is Under Control

    You're in good hands with is*hosting. We keep a tight rein on your equipment and don't disturb you unnecessarily. Focus on your projects and we'll take care of the rest.

    24/7 Support and Monitoring

    Technical support specialists are available day and night. We respond promptly to all enquiries and help with any problems.

    High Performance

    is*hosting provides its customers with exceptionally reliable HI-END equipment and guarantees an efficient operation.

    Top-class Infrastructure

    World-class data centers with high tolerance and Tier 3+ reliability in Europe, Oceania, North America and Asia. All for your convenience.

    hostadvice Last update: March 2023
    User Friendly 4.9
    Support 5.0
    Features 4.9
    Reliability 5.0
    Pricing 4.9


    We recommend choosing a location closest to your broker's Forex servers. Lowest latency is optimal for trading, so you should choose a server location with a possible latency of 1 millisecond. We offer a choice of 22 countries for virtual private servers - that's what makes us the best Forex VPS hosting.

    A trading terminal is the software used to trade on an exchange. A trading terminal provides traders with access to market data, charts, analysis tools and portfolio management, as well as the ability to execute trades on the market in real time.

    The most popular trading terminal today is MetaTrader 4.

    When choosing a Virtual Private Server plan for trading, consider the number of terminals you currently use or plan to use in the future. Resource usage is also affected by version (MT4 and MT5), number of Expert Advisors and indicators.

    Please contact us if you require advice. Our experts will suggest a server configuration according to your needs, or create a personalized server option.

    It's absolutely free! Once you have paid for the server, all your access details will be emailed to you. For help setting up the server for your trading needs, contact technical support.

    If you still have questions after all the settings have been made, you can also contact technical support via live chat.

    Of course we do! In addition to the Forex server, we offer a ready-to-use solution for MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5. We have taken into account all the requirements of traders using these terminals, including stable connection, low latency, security and 24/7 technical support.

    Our specialists will not only advise you on the choice of VPS tariff plan for trading, but will also help you set up the server for a quick start.

    If you would like to try out a Forex VPS before renting it, you can take advantage of the free trial. The trial version supports all Forex VPS features and has no differences from the paid version.

    To get a Forex Virtual Private Server trial offer, apply for it before you rent it (read more about it here).

    If you are not satisfied with the VPS configuration you choose, simply don't extend your VPS usage period and you will not be charged for the trial period. If you decide to purchase a VPS, the trial period will be included in the first payment period.

    You can change your server configuration (plan) or purchase additional services for your Forex server at any time.

    Submit a ticket to the is*hosting support team and we will prepare a new virtual private server for Forex trading. The migration will not take long and is completely free of charge.

    As soon as you get a more powerful server configuration, we will offset the cost of the old and the new VPS.

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