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VPS Upgrade Capabilities

Check out how you can change the configuration of your VPS. You can purchase additional disk space, increase CPU performance, add RAM, and take advantage of additional services without having to switch to a new plan.

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VPS Linux Supported Operating Systems


Ubuntu VPS (Ubuntu Server) provides maintenance updates every six months, which increases the level of security. Among other things, Ubuntu VPS can scale according to your needs in different time periods. Also, this build does not require a lot of resources, which is a cost-effective solution.

Ubuntu works well with the popular OpenStack cloud environment. Simple and friendly operation. Works with all hardware and software. Updated twice a year.


Debian is great as an operating system for virtual private servers. This system is quite flexible when it comes to setup, but it is more suitable for professionals. Another advantage of Debian VPS is reliability - you just need to customize the configuration correctly once and you will not have any security problems.

Easy upgrade between versions. Logical and structured configuration. Complete and understandable documentation. High quality released versions.


CentOS VPS has a number of advantages, including high performance, an appropriate level of security, and the possibility of flexible management. With an unmanaged CentOS VPS, all the technical transformations of the server are available to you through convenient control panels, you can host several sites and keep records of server actions.

High performance. Full compatibility with popular control panels. Increased stability. It is open source and completely free of charge.

Special Offers

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Advantages Linux VPS

Control Panels

Choose and install any convenient control panel. Linux VPS server management is available through a user-friendly graphical interface, which is necessary for performing work tasks.

Full Virtualization

KVM virtualization technology is used for Linux VPS. This makes it possible to completely isolate the virtual server into a secure environment, and install any OS and suitable applications and programs.

Project Transfer

Need to transfer a project to a Linux VPS from an old hosting? Transfers can be quite a complicated process, so is*hosting specialists can do it for you: quickly, for free, and without shutting down the project.


Stay calm, all the data of your project or website is under reliable protection. The is*hosting team performs a free backup of data every week to a distant server for security purposes.

is*hosting - Real Powerful Linux VPS Hosting

Linux VPS hosting by is*hosting is exceptionally reliable thanks to a team of specialists and 18 years of experience. We continue to grow in order to provide our customers with even higher quality service.

Years of Experience

is*hosting has been providing its services on the market for 18 years. Over this time, our team has been filled up with professionals in their field and has got an ideal reputation.

Top-class Infrastructure

We use only certified data centers around the world to rent Linux servers. Your projects are in safe hands.

Perfect Support

is*hosting technical support consists only of qualified specialists who are ready to assist with any matter and at any time.


Linux VPS is a virtual dedicated server that runs on Linux. In other words, this server is optimized for higher performance in a particular operating system.

The main advantage of renting a Linux VPS server is that the system is completely isolated from others. This way the security of your work on it is preserved. Managed Linux VPS remains available for customization for any of your needs.

Despite the fact that you share the server with other users, its efficiency does not decrease even with large volumes of traffic. At the same time, the costs of Linux VPS are relatively lower than those of other hosting solutions.

If you rent a VPS/VDS Linux server from is*hosting we will transfer your project or website from your old provider's hosting. Migration can be time-consuming for non-professionals, that's why we offer free and fast migration of your project to a new server.

During the transfer, your website or project will remain accessible to users. All you need to do is send a request to is*hosting technical support and wait a little until our specialists carry out the transfer and notify you.

At the moment, the following panels are available for managing Linux VPS by is*hosting:

  1. ISPmanager
  2. VestaCP
  3. HestiaCP
  4. DirectAdmin
  5. aaPanel

Any of the control panels you like can be selected by ordering a Linux VPS.

In the future, you can change the control panel. However, keep in mind that changing the control panel implies a complete reinstallation of the OS on the server. The data can be saved and restored after reinstallation.

Linux VPS can be upgraded to a higher rate at any time.

You can also easily and quickly change any characteristics of your tariff plan. Adding resources to the VPS as your project develops will not take much time: all you need to do is contact is*hosting technical support and then restart the Linux VPS.

What can be improved in your VPS? RAM, processor, and disk space.

is*hosting performs free automatic backups of virtual private servers (with a disk size up to 100GB) 1 time per week.

For Linux VPS, it is possible to connect a paid service for daily data backup.

With the free backup, is*hosting technical specialists have 4-5 copies, which are available to you upon request. With the paid backup, copies are saved for the last 30 days.

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