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Unlimited traffic, any load, and high performance. Renting a Windows virtual server is just what you need to develop your project.

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VPS Upgrade Capabilities

You can upgrade your virtual server on Windows at any time. With the development of your project in VPS Windows, you can improve CPU, RAM, SSD/HDD, etc. To do this, you just need to contact technical support and restart the virtual server after a while.
If necessary, you can also upgrade the tariff plan.

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Features of Windows VPS

The resources of your Windows VPS are used by you alone - it is an isolated secure environment. Even with limited technical knowledge, it will be easy for you to manage a virtual server thanks to an intuitive control system. Windows VPS is a great alternative to a dedicated server.

Full control of service setup Flexible customization of the system to your needs
Remote desktop access Convenient database administration

Special Offers

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Advantages of Windows VPS

Unlimited Traffic

Rent a Windows VPS server and get unlimited both incoming and outgoing traffic. The bandwidth of the channel reaches 1Gbps, which ensures the smooth operation of the project at any volume of traffic.

High Performance

Windows VPS server by is*hosting is optimized for any load. You do not share the resources of your Windows virtual server with other users, thereby maintaining high speed and productivity.

Project Transfer

Renting a Windows VPS server by is*hosting involves transferring the project from the old hosting. As the process can be time-consuming, we offer to organize a transfer quickly and free of charge. Your project will stay online even during the relocation.


Don't worry about the security of your data. Rent Windows VPS and get access to weekly data backup. You can choose this option when placing an order on the server at an affordable price.

is*hosting - Real Powerful Windows VPS Hosting

is*hosting offers exceptionally reliable Windows VPS hosting. This is confirmed by many years of experience in the hosting services market and a team of qualified professionals. We are developing together with our clients to provide even better services.

Years of Experience

is*hosting has been fulfilling all the needs of customers for 18 years. During this time, we have assembled a team of qualified specialists and earned an impeccable reputation.

Top-class Infrastructure

We use only certified data centers around the world with a high level of protection to process unlimited VPS Windows rent requests.

Perfect Support

is*hosting technical support is available to our customers at any time of the day or night. The team will always answer questions and help in resolving difficulties.

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