Managed Dedicated Servers

Get all the benefits of is*hosting's managed dedicated server hosting with control panel, 24/7 technical support and high performance.

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Dedicated Server Configurations

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No Suitable Configuration?

Didn't find the right configuration? is*hosting specialists will make you a personal offer of renting a dedicated server as soon as possible after checking in with technical support.

Features of Managed Dedicated Server

Control Panels

Choose and install any control panel that is convenient for you to work with the managed dedicated server. You have access to ISPManager, VestaCP, DirectAdmin, HestiaCP and other popular tools.

Use Popular CMS for Your Websites

With managed dedicated hosting, you can realize your greatest ideas and create a website that is attractive to customers. Use your favorite CMS including WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and more for your project.

Project Transfer

The is*hosting technical team will transfer your website or other project from your old hosting to a new managed dedicated server without any problems. Fast, free and without interrupting your work. Just contact us and we'll set everything up.


With our free weekly backup to a remote server, your server data is safe and secure. If needed, you can choose a daily backup from the dedicated server to your own storage.

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User Friendly 4.9
Support 5.0
Features 4.9
Reliability 5.0
Pricing 4.9

Features of Managed Dedicated Servers from is*hosting

Installation Assistance

Technical support will help you customize the server to meet the needs of your project. Once you have access to a managed dedicated server, we will help you install the necessary software and complete the prep work before you get started.

Same-day Installation

Choose a configuration, period of server use, create an account, pay for a dedicated server and we will immediately start preparing your order. As soon as possible you will receive a confirmation letter with access keys and you can actively use the server.

Free Moving Projects

Leave a note for the is*hosting team during checkout or create a ticket for technical support later about the need for transfer. Free project transfer from old hosting to dedicated server is available after payment and confirmation. You will be informed about all details of the transfer.

24/7 Technical Support

You can rely on is*hosting technical support. Specialists are available for you any day and any time, they do not ignore and really help in solving problems, answer all questions. In case of difficult situations, we will solve them without bothering you.

DDoS Protection

For managed dedicated hosting we offer 2 types of protection against DDoS attacks (L2, L3, L4) - available for servers in the Netherlands. The standard type guarantees up to 95% protection against DDoS attacks by adding your IP to the common protection zone. Advanced DDoS protection offers more flexible settings and increases the level of "integrity" of your server.

Monitoring and Recovery

One of the advantages of working with is*hosting is round-the-clock monitoring of server availability and its restoration in emergency situations. We have full control over the equipment, which allows us to be the first to know about server availability problems and take appropriate measures.

Powerful Hardware

Over the years, we have managed to build server infrastructure all over the world. We offer our own highly reliable HI-END class equipment, capable of meeting the needs of projects of any complexity and size. We guarantee the dedicated server capacity.
Use With
Windows Dedicated ServerHost your project on a dedicated Windows server with an easy-to-use operating system. Use popular tools to achieve your goals.
From$60.00 /mo
Linux Dedicated ServerCentOS, Debian, Ubuntu - distributions that are ideal for a dedicated Linux server. Regular OS updates, a reliable community, and the ability to use the server for any project.
From$60.00 /mo

Everything is Under Control

Improve your projects and we'll take care of the hosting. You can rely on is*hosting's technical team.

24/7 Support and Monitoring

We are the first to know about dedicated server availability problems and solve them without involving the customer.

High Performance

You are free to choose your own dedicated server configuration, and we guarantee the provision of the specified capacity.

Perfect Infrastructure

In more than 30 countries, is*hosting offers reliable server hardware of the HI-END class in certified data centers.


If you need maximum performance, control, and security for your website, application, or other project, a dedicated server may be the best option for you. Dedicated servers are ideal for resource-intensive tasks, hosting multiple websites, large-scale applications, and cases where privacy and security are paramount.

Managed dedicated servers with control panel come with comprehensive support services where the is*hosting team takes care of installation, configuration, maintenance, security updates and technical issues related to your server.
Unmanaged dedicated servers give you full control and responsibility for server management, including software installation, system upgrades and server troubleshooting.

Virtual Private Server (VPS) is the division of a physical server into multiple virtual servers, each running its own operating system. VPS hosting is more cost-effective and suitable for small websites or applications with moderate traffic.
Dedicated hosting is a full physical server used exclusively for your project, it provides higher performance and resource base, so it is suitable for resource-intensive tasks, large websites and applications with high traffic.

Windows licenses for dedicated servers are usually available for an additional fee, as it is proprietary software. is*hosting offers different versions of the Windows Server operating system for both a one-time fee and a monthly fee. The cost of a dedicated Windows server can be calculated in the configurator.

Bare metal comes without pre-installed operating systems and control panels. Unlike virtualized environments such as VPS, bare metal servers offer higher performance and can be customized to meet specific user requirements.

To order a dedicated server you should follow these steps:

  1. Choice of Location;
  2. Plan Selection;
  3. Setting the Selected Plan;
  4. Order Confirmation (cart);
  5. Payment for the Order.

We have described the ordering process in more detail in this article.

Choosing a country for a managed dedicated server depends on several factors, including the location of your target audience, privacy regulations, and server performance. To reduce latency and improve the load time of your website or application, choose a country and data center that is geographically closer to your core user base.
Dedicated servers from is*hosting are available in Germany, the Netherlands, the USA and Ukraine.

Didn’t Find What You Were Looking For?

Personal VPN Use a personal VPN with a static IP address on your own server. Stay online undetected and independent of third-party VPN providers.
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